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The hand is the woman’s second face and a symbol of women’s happiness. The DUIT brand, from Australia’s hand and foot care experts, hopes to protect your hands.

Hand care needs to be more careful than facial care because your hands are exposed to more bacteria and dust every day. Unprotected hands are prone to the following conditions.

Let’s take a look at the hands before the care :

Let’s take a look at the hands after care : (such as this)

Is hand care really important? why?


Because the hands do not care, it will age ahead of the face. Just like the phenomenon of molting in snakes in nature, in fact, in the autumn, due to the dry climate, the hands will have more or less suede. The hand suede is the most common and most prone to the symptoms of exfoliation of the hand in the fall. Although it is unsightly, it does not require special treatment. In order to alleviate the symptoms of molting caused by autumn dryness, you should not only drink more water, but also apply hand cream, and often carry out hand care, and love our hands like a face.

So how should the hands be treated ?

Let me introduce you to the daily care two steps:

Daily care first step: day protection

Apply hand cream every time after washing your hands during the day, because the hand cream can effectively protect the skin of our hands. Generally, it is necessary to apply the hand cream after the hands are completely wiped clean, so as to facilitate the absorption of the hand cream and promote the deep moisturization of the skin. DUIT First Aid is a hand protection product that can be used as a hand cream during the day. After washing your hands, take a small amount of product, apply it on the palms and fingertips, massage a little, and wait for the product to absorb naturally. There will be a sticky feeling at the beginning, which is the process of the product being absorbed by the skin. When it is absorbed, the hand will feel dry and moist.

Every night, before going to bed, it is recommended to use DUIT scrub for a simple exfoliating treatment.

The length of hand washing massage is better than one minute. After drying, apply DUIT first-aid hand mask, which can be slightly thicker than the daytime application. Finally, massage it. After the product is absorbed, you can feel at ease.


If your hand problem is serious, you can use the cling film to wrap the hands of DUIT first-aid hand touch, so that the hand film is better absorbed by the hand under the action of temperature. DUIT First Aid Hand Mask has a reputation for 5 days. Whether you want to maintain the beauty of your hands or fix your hands, this product can bring visible effects to your hands.